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Meet The Canidates

Hunter Giambra
Owner, Hunter’s Brunch Shack

Campaign Website:

Meet Hunter Giambra, a Riverview, Florida Native! Hunter has always called Riverview his “home,” having attended schools in Riverview, including Sessums Elementary, Rodgers Middle School, and Riverview High School. Hunter has seen Riverview grow for the past 30 years. At the age of 20, Hunter founded Hurricane IT Solutions, specializing in Business to Business IT Solutions for businesses throughout central Florida. Hurricane IT Solutions has over 20 clients from dealerships, hospitals, and even schools. In March 2022, Hunter opened up “Hunter’s Brunch Shack” in the heart of Riverview, where Riverview Sandwich Shop operated for over 38 years! Hiring on both Tammy, who has been there for 28 years, and Sylvia for 18 years. “My dad used to take me here all the time when I was younger, I just wanted to keep it around for many more years to go.”
Hunter always has a smile on his face and a thinking cap on his head; he strives to provide the best solutions for anything his customers need or any problems they may face. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and his passion shines through his actions.

Raining Cats and Dogs-
Hunter chooses Raining Cats and Dogs Shelter because of his love and passion for animals. He currently has 3 Shetland sheepdogs (Foxy, Koda, and Shelly) and a White Sulfur Crested Cockatoo named Skylar. Animals mean a lot to Hunter. He says helping them find homes and stay healthy is important to him. 
The Fishhawk Spartans-
Hunter also chose to support the Fishhawk Spartans to help children be able to play sports or their love for cheerleading every day!

Brian Porter
Foamologist with Florida Foam Factory

Campaign site:


Meet Brian Porter, a native of Pennsylvania, who has lived in the local community for over five years. In 1989, Brian entered the United States Air Force, which took him to areas worldwide as a Security Police/Forces member. Retiring in 2009 at Malmstrom AFB, MT, he spent the next 12 years in the recruiting industry at multiple healthcare organizations. Recently, he found his niche as a Foamologist! Founded in 2021, Florida Foam Factory provides a unique experience with oversized foam cannons and event-appropriate music. Brian is actively involved in the Riverview Chamber of Commerce, a board member of the Valrico/FishHawk Chamber of Commerce, and an active member of Commerce Connections.  
Brian says it is his honor to support those who have provided “The Blanket of Freedom” under which we all sleep calmy every night,  and also the teens in our community who are the future of our community, state, and country. His goal is to bring community awareness and financial resources to his selected charities through multiple events and a campaign of 10,000 donations of $10.  


My Warrior's Place- Brian says he chose My Warriors’ Place because of his desire to honor fellow veterans. The organization has served over 50K veterans with a retreat for military Gold-Star families and those suffering from PTSD.


Brian chose IMPACT because it specializes in training and equipping teens toward healthy choices and relationships by avoiding high-risk behaviors.

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