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Meet Jenna Fulton – 2017 Riverview Woman’s Club Scholarship Recipient  

Dear Riverview Woman’s Club,

My name is Jenna Fulton and I am a first-year student at the University of Florida. I was ecstatic to be accepted to a Top 10 Public Institution, the prestige of attending this university will aid in my success after college.

I am a pre-Biomedical Engineering major, in the Fall of 2019, I will apply to the Biomedical Engineering program. I currently taking “critical tracking” classes such as Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics with Calculus that will help determine my acceptance into this program.

The scholarship that I received from the Riverview Women’s Club has helped lift a financial burden of my first-year at college. Rather than working full-time to be able to afford some of the expenses, I can focus on my studies.

At the University of Florida, I have joined the Society of Women Engineers and Society for Biomaterials. Both organizations relate specifically to my major and have helped me get involved within the engineering community.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) was founded at UF as women still remain a minority in the College of Engineering. SWE has given me fantastic opportunities in my first year at UF as well as helping me form connections that aid in my continued success here. For instance, I was able to visit NASA in Cape Canaveral last semester with a tour led by NASA engineer Peter Chitko. Attached is a photo of the group of girls I went with doing the "Gator Chomp" at one of the space shuttle launch sites.

Best, Jenna Fulton

Jimmy Ngo, shown on the Unversity of South Florida campus where he attends in part due to a scholarship awarded by the Riverview Woman's Club.
2017 Riverview Woman’s Club scholarship recipient Jenna Fulton and fellow students from the University of Florida

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