• Susan Wentzell, Riverview Woman's Club

Meet Jimmy Ngo: Riverview Woman's Club Scholarship Recipient

Dear Riverview Woman’s Club,

First, I would like to thank you all again for your amazing scholarship that has helped me afford to be a student at the University of South Florida.

This year (2019) has been a absolutely life changing transitioning from high school to university life. I have maintained over a 3.5 GPA since I have gotten here and have met so many wonderful people that surround my major in Biomedical Sciences.

School is definitely much tougher here at the university level but I would not exchange it for anything and I absolutely love being a student at USF.

Besides my studies, I'm also very involved in campus activities, including having recently joined the USF badminton club. I have participated at tournaments at the University of Central Florida and have one scheduled at the University of Florida.

As well as being a USF student, I also live in a dorm on campus which was the best decision ever. Living here with my roommate Drew has helped me connect with people around me more, let me experience campus life on a whole new level, and being away from home has helped me grow as not only a student but as a person.

I cannot thank the Riverview Woman’s Club enough for the scholarship that I have received that helps fund my passion to one day becoming a dental surgeon. As we say here at the University of South Florida, GO BULLS!

Thank you so much again,

Jimmy Ngo

Jimmy Ngo, shown on the Unversity of South Florida campus where he attends in part due to a scholarship awarded by the Riverview Woman's Club in 2018.

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