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President's Message - 2020/2021

It’s once again my privilege to serve as President of the Riverview Woman's Club (RWC) for 2020-21. We are a diverse group of dynamic individuals and I’m so proud of the progression we’ve made over the three years that I’ve served as your president.

Riverview Woman's Club 2020-21 President Heather Michael

Early in 2020, life changed dramatically for all of us. Like many others, we have been trudging through new and challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The RWC is successfully adapting to these challenges by holding hybrid luncheons and outdoor events.

Despite those challenges, the growth of our Club over the last 13 years and visibility in the community is what will continue to help us make the biggest impact. This requires each of us to be active members, attending and supporting luncheons and special events, and participating in small groups such as our Scholarship, Events and Membership Committees.

Youth Scholarships & 2020-21 Club Goals

I’m proud to say that to date, we’ve awarded over 40 higher education scholarships to local high school seniors. This year, we were especially excited to help the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce distribute their scholarships In Dr. Earl Lennard’s name to local Deserving Young Adults!

Our Club goals for 2020-21 include the following:

-Growing our Scholarship Program and our relationship with the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Program -Fundraising for future charitable projects -Promoting our RWC Giving Circle On-Line Donation Program, benefitting our Youth Scholarship and other outreach programs -Supporting the needs of our community -Continuing with safe Social Events

We are also are working hard to increase our membership’s diversity and continue to promote the Club’s accomplishments in our community.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t express what this Club has done for me personally and professionally. The growth in myself and the bonds I’ve made are very powerful, and I’m deeply grateful.

We are looking forward to an amazing year of friendships, networking and goodwill. Please join us at a luncheon, Zoom Virtual or social event. If you haven’t already, check out our website to find out more:

Personal Regards, Heather Michael

Giving is not just about making a donation—it’s about making a difference - Kathy Calvin

Any questions on 2021 Mayor's Race fundraising events hosted by the Riverview Woman's Club, send a note to

And if you aren't a club member yet--would like to meet new friends and make a difference in our community--go to our website for more information on membership or send us a note.

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