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RWC Member Spotlight: Donna Fore

Jeannette Kjosa, RWC Member & UPS Franchise Owner

Meet Donna Fore - Co-founder, Riverview Womans Club

Tell us a little about yourself and your community involvement.

Pat (Fore) and I were married in 1984. Coming into the marriage, I had twin boys and he had two girls and a boy, creating a family of seven. It was a busy time! Fortunately, the children were close in age and got along very well. They still do!

In 1994, on a wing and a prayer, Pat and I opened PF Auto Glass, Inc., a full service, mobile auto glass company offering glass replacement and repair services. Twenty six years later, we are opening a sister company, AG Calibration, LLC., which will be handling re-calibration of the camera system in the car windshields that we replace. We are hoping this additional focus area will grow into much more.

Being involved in the community has been an evolution for me. It was in 2013, when I was elected Treasurer and President of the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce (GRECC), that I realized my place was to work for the needs of the community. I know that by giving, I get back, and I have been given so much in return. Along the way, I’ve had the honor to be awarded Volunteer of the Year, Business Person of the Year, and Small Business of the Year.

In 2014, after my GRCC term, I ran for public office in the Florida House of Representatives as I felt the need to be an average, everyday voice for the community especially as it pertains to our education, small business, and transportation systems.

Running for office was a lot of work and a fascinating experience. While I was not victorious in that race, in so many ways, I won. I am still working towards being a voice for our community as I set up voter registration drives and events, continue to work GRECC and other chambers’ activities, and stay very active in my beloved Riverview Woman’s Club.

Why should people join the Riverview Woman's Club?

Because the RWC is not attached to any national organization, we have charted our own path! Our governing rules and decisions are our own. If you are looking for an opportunity to meet new friends, learn about our community, and give back through involvement in our college scholarship and other charitable projects, the Riverview Woman's Club and by association, the RWC Foundation, are the ones to join.

The time has passed quickly. Recently, I was thinking about the many events we have done over the past eight years: Bingo, Bunco, Teas, Dinners, Golf, Fashion Show, Charity events, and many others. I was also looking at the many photos of high school graduates who’ve received scholarships from us through our foundation’s fundraising efforts. These amazing young people have gone on to be teachers, doctors, nurses, business executives and other leaders. So rewarding!

For me personally, one of the greatest benefits of the club is meeting so many wonderful women, and learning from each of them how I can be a better person. I’m happy to say I’ve made many friends in the RWC and now that we’ve opened the club to our gentlemen friends as associate members, there are even more opportunities to grow relationships.


To learn more about the Riverview Woman's Club and how you can become a member and get involved in your community, visit


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