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RWC Member Spotlight: Jeanne Burkeson

Jeannette Kjosa, RWC Member & UPS Franchise Owner

Meet Jeanne Burkeson - Co-founder, Riverview Womans Club

How was the Riverview Woman’s Club Started?

The journey began back in 2012 when The Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce led me to Donna Lee Fore, a member of the community who like me, saw the need and opportunity to start a Riverview Woman’s Club. With our vision in sync, together we moved forward to start the club that April followed by the formation of the RWC Foundation.

What have been the highlights of being a member of the Riverview Woman’s Club?

I am grateful and appreciative of the close friendships I’ve made, especially with board members and committees. Although our fund raisers involve lots of work, the events have all been fun and entertaining. For me, the most rewarding part of membership has been the selection process and joy awarding scholarships to the most promising local high school seniors.

Tell us a little bit about your local family business.

My husband Joe and I are licensed home inspectors and owners of Square-One Inspection Service, providing home inspections on local new and pre-owned homes since 2003. We help home buyers feel good about their major investment purchase. Check us out at What would you like people to know about you personally?

Not too long ago, Joe and I celebrated 35 years of marriage. A most memorable anniversary celebration was taking a transatlantic cruise to Barcelona, Spain. I’m most happy to share stories of that wonderful experience--just ask! That trip ranks right up there with our honeymoon in Greece.


To learn more about the Riverview Woman's Club and how you can become a member and get involved in your community, visit


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