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RWC Member Spotlight: Mary Lee Walker

Jeannette Kjosa, RWC Member & UPS Franchise Owner
Mary Lee Walker - Board of Directors, Riverview Woman’s Club

Meet Mary Lee Walker, Board of Directors, Riverview Woman's Club

Tell Us A Little About Yourself and Your Community Involvement

I come from a long line of family who believed in service to the community. In the 3rd grade, I worked on my first capital campaign, alongside my mother, of course. Many years later, fresh out of college, I caught the nonprofit bug as a volunteer coordinator. Luckily, most of my career has been in service with charitable organizations in some capacity.

I also believe in volunteering as a great way to demonstrate to our children what is important in life, just as I learned from my mother. I served as President for the Pine Castle Elementary School PTA, was on the South Orlando Rowing Association Board of Directors and am still active in the Association of Fundraising Professionals. I also have experience in the for-profit business as a manager with my family owned and operated restaurant in New Smyrna Beach. Now, I bring these experiences into my consulting practice teaching nonprofit best practices. My company is called Nonprofit Gladiator, but I am more of a nonprofit nerd.

What have been the highlights of being a member of the Riverview Woman’s Club?

The caravan celebration for the 2020 Scholars is the highlight of my year! That event also happened to be held on my birthday, so I felt extra festive. After being cooped up with this quarantine mess, it felt really good to shout and shake my tambourine in celebration of something good. The other highlight of the year would have to be the Riverview High School Choir Christmas show. The students were all dressed up in costumes and sang a combination of classic and modern holiday tunes. They were SO talented. Also, the holiday cookie exchange that night was a hit. These ladies can bake!

Anything else to add?

Please follow me on my Facebook page:

And remember to think globally and give locally.


To learn more about the Riverview Woman's Club and how you can become a member and get involved in your community, visit


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