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RWC Member Spotlight: Shirley Bhat

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Shirley Bhat - 1st Vice President, Riverview Woman’s Club

Meet Shirley Bhat, 1st Vice President, Riverview Woman's Club

What Can You Tell Us About Shirley?

Community involvement and academia have been major parts of Shirley’s life for nearly 20 years. Besides her contributions to the Riverview Woman’s Club, she is the incoming 2020-2021 President of The Rotary Club of Fishhawk-Riverview. She has also served the local community through involvement in the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, National Honor Societies, the National Organization for Human Services and the Florida Counsel Against Sexual Violence.

Further community activism includes the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce (Ambassador); Vice President of the Sheriff’s Indian Advisory Counsel; Board Chair of the Kid’s Community College Charter Schools; and many others.

Shirley holds Master’s Degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology and is currently pursuing a second Master of Arts Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling.

Besides her busy community outreach schedule, she loves spending time with her husband Kiran and children Kaushal and Aliya. Her hobbies include gardening, scrapbooking, tennis, swimming, writing, painting, and walks on the beach with her family.

In Her Own Words:

What have been the highlights of being a member of the Riverview Woman’s Club?

How fascinating it would be, to be part of an organization that has like-minded members with goals similar to mine? For me, it makes achieving our goals much easier when a team is behind it. The Riverview Women’s Club is that team. It allows me to make a difference in our local community where we can help a larger population, compared to me doing it all alone. It is significantly satisfying and rewarding to be able to support a handful of students every year towards obtaining higher education.

What would you like people to know about you personally?

I absolutely believe in my own personal quote, “When intentions are pure, no obstacle can become a barrier towards achieving success, despite the difficulties along the way.”

To learn more about the Riverview Woman's Club and how you can become a member and get involved in your community, visit

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